We acquired a leading app building platform—Mobile Roadie to help enterprises and startups, leverage the benefits of mobile experience to meet the demanding timeframe of modern business environments. Capitalizing on the product’s strength and our prominent place in the market, we created a comprehensive app development platform to help our clients reduce the downtime in businesses.

Retail & Ecommerce

Create New Avenues For Businesses And Customers With The Help Of Tailored Software. Enhance The Shopping Experience With An Interactive Mobile Application Or Elevate Business Operations With A Detailed Enterprise Software Suite.

Events & Venues

One Touch Tech Solutions' mobile platform to develop applications to manage events and venues. Interactive functionalities such as event information, navigation and time schedules to update guests on the events and streamline the guests’ experience.

Sport Software & Venue Apps

Improve every detail about your crew, team or training program with specialized software. Create a first-of-a-kind fan engagement or develop personalized health and fitness software to up your game.


With the rise of consumer service expectations, a branded insurance application can help you transform your business. Foresee consumer needs by utilizing data and analytics, optimize the customer experience, retain policyholders, and identify new sales opportunities using applications . .


One Touch Tech Solutions allows artists and musicians to build their own mobiles application on the platform to engage, manage and monetize the services and content offered to fans and users.


Connect With Your Guests

Our mobile application platform enables hospitals and health centers to develop cross-platform mobile. From scheduling and online consultations to customer support and business analytics—our platform empowers businesses to adapt top newer technological .