The tech boom has brought a unique approach to business, with every enterprise looking for solutions that can cater to their business objectives and corporate organizational structure. We leverage the front-end technologies in developing software solutions and help businesses of all sizes to be efficient and in attaining optimal outcomes.

Blockchain Technologies

Optimize the security, efficiency, and speed of your financial operations with Block chain technology. Resolve issues of regulatory bottlenecks, fraud, and money laundering. Create distinction your financial transactions and gain a competitive edge with the security of your business.

Cloud Computing

Lower your overheads, optimize the efficiency of operations, and improve knowledge transfer within your organization by eliminating hardware and shifting to cloud-based storage and computing services. Assign these operations to trusted cloud vendors, improve the uptime of your services, and improve mobility within your enterprise.

Omnichannel Commerce

We help retail clients combine the best features of their online and physical shopping spaces into a single commerce solution. Help your sales reps engage clients across multiple platforms, providing a consistent and high-quality shopping experience. The company is equally capable building an omni-channel solution, or improving your legacy suite.

Extranets and Intranets

Enhance inter-department communication and simplify knowledge sharing in the organization. Develop enterprise intranets and extranets creating more cost-effective information exchange ensuring transparent collaboration regardless the employees’ location.

Document Management

Maximize productivity and minimize costs with effective cross-platform document management software. Develop a cloud-based solution on your company’s existing software components; optimize business processes and providing remote access to key information exactly when needed.

Web Portals

create fully custom and mobile-friendly web portal solutions that develop your products and highlight your services. Design, develop, and deploy scalable web portal solutions for internal or external use. Provide your business with the scalability it needs for sales automation, supply chain management, or customer communications and services.

Business Intelligence

The company understands that successful implementation of enterprise-wide reporting and business performance management tools can optimize your business, increase productivity, and optimize business operations at every level. The service can help extract most out of online analytical processing, Big Data, benchmarking, and business process management.

Resource Planning

Developing ERP systems to overcome competition, Intellectsoft has the experience necessary to put this kind of system into place. We develop ERP solutions that are engineered to assist businesses—leverage capabilities, minimize spending, increase total output, and fulfill your business potential.

Content Management

Reduce overheads of data management with enterprise content management (ECM) solution from Intellectsoft. Improve operational efficiency and enhance the control over key business processes.

Customer Relationship Management

Develop a CRM system that is tailored to the needs and operations of your business. Automate tasks and create flexible workflows to the changing needs of customers.

Online Billing & Payment Solutions

Intellectsoft can help you implement an online billing solution with support for payment options, real-time billing, and management of multiple revenue generation.

Enterprise Mobility

Intellectsoft can help you make your business fluid. We can help create reliable mobility roadmaps and transform your enterprise software into fully functional mobile application.

Internet of Things

IoT brings drastic improvements to data-dependant business opportunities, logistics, consumer- innovation, and revenue streams. Obtain the benefits of technological advancements by implementing IoT in your business.

Artificial Intelligence

Take your business to the next level by introducing self-learning software for pattern recognition and deep personalization recommendations. Turn your data into configurable analytics and transform your organization.